The Nice Man Said: You've Got Mail!

About this mail server

This server is a mail host. This host aims to be secure and compliant to modern standards, i.e. it is ahead of corporate standards which, in some cases, need to be more insecure to be able to communicate with poorly maintained hosts of partners they are doing business with - or, in the majority of cases, are born out of the neglecting indifference of the latter. (IT has to be cheap even if all our safeties and communication run in it, you know?)
This host still makes some compromise: as you can see by navigating here the web host doesn't only offer AEAD TLS ciphers, for example, but we mostly adhere to standards such as NIST or HIPAA (with a few rare exceptions), this can be said as of 2019 since these standards have been tightened to motivate more corporate IT to implement what actually can be considered security.

This host is not owned by a mail provider! Please do not get in touch with us asking for mail services. This is a private, secure mail server coming from somebody who believes that security – and your personal data – is best in your own hands. If we do not know you, your aunt, your dog, or your dog's aunt, we have nothing to offer to you.

P.S.: If you don't see an envelope above the header but just some garbage: fetch a modern browser. This is unicode and post-2010, you may want to update.

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